Eclipse & FDT Colour Schemes

In late 2008, I modified my FDT colour scheme for the first time. It was amazing.

Subsequently I’ve installed eclipse on many different machines with different workspaces and re-doing my colour scheme every time is not a fun task. The main reason that makes it very much “un-fun” is that the colour settings are spread out in 4 different windows.

Creating your own Colour Scheme Theme

Firstly you need to open Eclipse Preferences.

  • Mac: It’s under Eclipse or FDT if you have the standalone installed.
  • Win: You’ll need to click on Window then right at the bottom there’s Preferences.

FDT Preferences

Once in, you’ll need to goto these four places and make changes.

  1. General > Editors > Text Editors
  2. General >Appearance > Color and Fonts
  3. FDT > Editor > Colors
  4. FDT > Editor > Semantic Highlight


Saving your Colour Scheme Theme

When you’re happy with what you’ve created, you’re ready to save/export it as a .epf file.

FDT Colour Code

  1. Click on  File > Export
  2. In the Export window select General > Preferences and click next.
  3. On Export Preferences make sure you select Export all and save the .epf file.

This file will contain extra settings that you do not need, would recommend opening it up in a text editor and deleting unnecessary lines.


Loading your Colour Scheme Theme

Loading or Importing a colour scheme is easy.

EPF Colour Settings

  1. Click on  File > Import
  2. In the Import window select General > Preferences and click next.
  3. Browse to the .epf file that contains your colour scheme and click finish.

You can test it out with my theme, to do so download it from here < there



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